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  • The Fourth Of July

    2010 - 07.04

    Parades, Bar-b-Q’s, races, and picnics all play a part in a day that both commemorates who we are as a country, while celebrating what we do as individuals to kick off the season of summer. This weekend was a mixed bag. My friend Mark (you know my photographing partner in crime) scouted out a great place for us to shoot pictures of Red, White, and Boom, which is the annual event that takes place in downtown Columbus. I must say, the composition was right, the place seemed perfect, the wind was going away from us, but we ended up just being too far away. I have to take the blame for that one, as crowds have never attracted me. Next year, I have to agree with him on biting the bullet and taking up our respective place among the masses to capture the true essence of the display.

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