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    2010 - 06.18

    There are things that are cute, and then there are things that are just plain adorable. Who can watch a chipmunk for any length of time, and not succumb to a smile? They just don’t give it a rest! It seems that every second is filled with duty… get food, stuff cheeks, run, no hop, no…. scurry, then run, then hop, bury food! Must get more. It goes on in the same manner until the little critters sleep, but when is that. Has anyone ever seen a sleeping chipmunk? As we progress to bigger cute things, we witness the squirrel. Talk about relentless! It doesn’t matter what type of feeder you have, or the cost of the feeder, not to mention the purchased or fabricated scramware, it doesn’t even matter if you’re standing within inches, staring right into their beady little eyeballs. The squirrel will find a way to get to the bird food period! Personally, I think they fraternize with the raccoons at night to learn new methods. Awful funny how their schedules just happen to cover the feeders 24/7. Anyway, here are a few pictures I took a while ago that I thought I would share as I search for new stuff. There have been complaints about staring at the same images on my web page, I apologize and will work on some new images!

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