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    2010 - 05.22

    Mucking through the salvage yard (because what else is there to do on a Saturday morning), I got to wondering. How much money is spent in our country on vehicles every year? There’s the actual factories that make the wheeled apparatuses, then you have the places that sell, and market, and fix, and shine, and fix again, and sell again, and shine again, and fix again, and again, and… many jobs for many people. But then, after all that transpires, there’s the final resting place where few dare to go, which is usually inhabited by one “no-so-kind” canine and his rough and weathered owner-friend. Well, I didn’t meet the four-legged, foul-breathed, half ear bitten off canine, but I did meet his owner-friend who was nice enough to allow me to slop through his yard. What a treasure trove of cool stuff! Of course, I should have worn long pants and hip boots, but I had a wonderful time wandering the aisles of the previously owned. The stories they might tell. I was told that some dated back to the 1920’s, although to be honest, I wouldn’t know a 20’s from a 40’s. If nothing else, we need to continue making, driving, fixing, and selling vehicles just so we have places like this for our children’s children to visit! Click on the image to enter salvage heaven!

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