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    2010 - 05.21

    I watched her land with tentative talons and decided to get a closer look. Just my luck! My friend (this image is taken using his beautiful new lens), correction… my very, very, best friend is out of town and offered me the the use of his new lens. I don’t think his plane had yet landed at his destination when I absconded with the Holy Grail of glass. It didn’t matter that the lighting wasn’t even worth trying, or that storm clouds loomed on the horizon, then overhead, no those things meant nothing today. I held the Grail and I was going to take a picture of something. Anything. And there it was! Mom was balancing when she landed. That meant only one thing… yup. Get the Grail. The sky blown out in the back, contrast shadowing everything in front…I was prepared! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing the new ones. There are two for sure, but the Sycamore tree limbs hide what could be a spot for a third chick. I will keep you posted. And to my friend… the Grail is safe!

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    1. Hawklings, we have hawklings!!

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