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    2014 - 02.05

    The Farmers Almanac was spot on in its prediction for our Winter forecast. Feeding wildlife and watching their day-to-day antics can serve more than just the critters. Like crowd watching at the fair, it can lift the weight of the winter blanket that can be overwhelming at times when gray day after gray day blend seamlessly into early dark nights. And so, a few more images of the winged ones.

    Red Bellied Woodpecker  untitled-121- edit  untitled-126- edit  untitled-83- edit 

    4 Responses to “Snow, Snow, And More Snow”

    1. robin says:

      Just beautiful, thank you!

    2. I think I like the bluebird best, but they’re all just great!

    3. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

    4. Deb says:

      Thank you friends, the snow really makes for a beautiful canvas..

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