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    2012 - 05.26

    As time slides through this Memorial Day weekend I think of yesterday, of the way things were before troops were sent, the economy bottomed out, before tough times. But you know… it just goes back to the last cycle of tough times. Children should not have to worry, lives should not be lost over disagreements, and no one should be hungry that wants to contribute. A place that embodies this lack of suffering shouldn’t be called paradise, it should be called Earth. Perhaps the warmth that radiates from everything that has been touched by life will someday be strong enough to show courage to the weak, and strength to the fearful, without lethal measures. The bricks in this image were created one at a time, laid one at a time. And no matter how broken the overall structure appears, the bricks still absorb and reflect the same amount of heat as they did the day they were laid. Maybe broken can be saved. A salute to our troops, a warm moment of reflection to all of those who have touched our lives.

    Perhaps a door will open…

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