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    2012 - 01.25

    Sometimes in life, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, how long you stand, or how many beatings you take from the wind and the rain. Sometimes the outside forces win and you have to simply stand there and let a bit of yourself go. Glass will shatter from window frames, but rock foundations will stand through many storms. Let the wind blow, feel the coolness of the rain and know that the rocks will hold you. 

    3 Responses to “Trying Times”

    1. So, is this a little commentary about the state of your house about now? No mention of carpet though. Nice to see green leaves this time of year!

    2. Debra, The house drew me in but your words held my attention- great job!!

    3. admin says:

      Thanks Mark and Denise. I do find a certain strength and energy in the old structures that continue to contribute to the whole picture. They just offer so much.

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