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    2011 - 09.18

    The mystery of color dates back to the beginning of time. Even the Egyptians knew that there could be no life without light and they created rooms of different color and light to use for various curing therapies. In the middle ages Paracelsus reintroduced color therapy with music only to be criticized and ridiculed. Time later proved that he was ages ahead of his time. Later Isac Newton published his controversial paper on “Opticks” again defining the seven rays of light in a spectrum. You have to figure that the rainbow is placed before us for a reason. Whether it be a sign symbolizing past events as some believe, or simply proof of a scientific theory, it’s all around us, so appreciate it… take it in… spin it around…



    And if you don’t want to think about color so much, just go to any fair at night and sit. The colors will come to you!

    2 Responses to “Spinning Light”

    1. Deb, I go to the Boardwalk in the summer just to photograph the spinning wheels and neon lights. Fun images!

    2. deb says:

      It is mesmerizing for sure!

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