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    A Farewell To Summer

    2015 - 09.27

    I got a call from my friend Mark asking if I wanted to go and shoot some photos of the Delaware County Fair. Now, for folks around here it’s the official exit of summer to witness the fireworks exploding over the grandstands while inhaling the last of the grease fryer smells from fried twinkies, fried oreos, fried vegetables, and fried every other thing that could be coated and shoved into a vat of hot grease. The night was terrific. But, because we tend to get bored from the typical small town fair atmosphere, we did what any bored photographer would do… We played! We zoomed and blurred and played with the colors of the night and this is what I saw after recuperating from my grease hangover. 




    The Sky

    2015 - 09.06

    With camera in hand, I often find myself looking down or out but as of late, the sky has demanded a great deal of my attention. I love when temperatures fluctuate. It changes everything. Birds feed more during the approaching cold fronts, winds pick up, and the smell of rain often wafts through the breeze. This past week allowed the skies to take front and center through the lens.