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    The Migration

    2015 - 03.08

    Spring comes when nature says it’s time all calendars and predictions be damed. Well, the birds are beginning to migrate so I believe that we will see more positive spring signs in the upcoming days. Our seasons are weeks perhaps even a month later than what they were ten or fifteen years ago and continue to track that same pattern. My friend let me borrow his big monster bird lens and although I am not near as capable of catching some of the shots he captures, yesterday I had a fun time trying. 


    When Winter Comes

    2015 - 03.06

    About this time of year if you happen to live in a region with four seasons, the word snow becomes a much dreaded and overused four letter word. Cursed for falling on houses and cars, for covering sidewalks and streets. But snow wasn’t meant to be viewed from a window, it wasn’t suppose to be trudged on by footsteps or pounded to pavement by tires.  Mother Nature gave us snow so that we might understand purity, innocence, and cleansing. And when she sprinkles it across a forested landscape? She shows us perfection.  And so it was on a trip to Hocking Hills yesterday.