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    Hidden Treasures

    2014 - 04.29

    The weather is breaking and its time to go in search of those elusive buckets of bolts that transport us from one place to another.  Some are exhibited as finished works of art, while others still wait, dream, and hope for that one special person to reclaim their hidden beauty.  A toast to “The Cars”! 

    The Great Blue

    2014 - 04.13

    This heron rookery has been used over the past 3 to 4 years and is again buzzing with activity. The bond between the seasonal monogamous pairs is strengthened when the male presents the nest building materials to the female. Formed by sticks and lined with leaves and smaller, softer field material, they are built to house three to seven chicks. The eggs will be laid over a three to four day period in later April or early May. Both parents will share in chickling responsibilities. Over the past day, I spent time in the evening and in the early morning to witness the nest building process. It was never ending. Branches in, birds back out. It never ceased to amaze me how close they got to other nests as they flew in and out, but even more amazing… how they flew with branches through even more branches without breaking beaks or loosing valuable nesting supplies. It will be interesting to watch the progress of these families throughout the spring. 









    Moods of the Mangroves

    2014 - 04.05

    When one thinks about plants and how they grow, the sun and showers of rain usually come to mind. But when I think about the mangroves I see something much more magical. Dissected by waterways that ebb and flow with the tides, it’s an enchanted place governed by the moon.  Places that allow entrance at one point will be sealed from view and impenetrable at other times.  My time there was much too short to photograph what I have come to realize needs to be explored, and now that I know how I want to portray this magical place, I have a few samples…until next time.