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    Fishing. A Pelican’s Perspective

    2014 - 03.27

    No telling how many times this operation is repeated during a days time, but as awkward as it initially looks, it’s really quite the ballet. A pelican and his hunt for dinner.

     The prey is sighted and the plunge begins.

     The circle back to realign 

     Double neck loop

    Rotation completed Rotation completed

     Final dive stage implemented

     Dive completed








    The Birds

    2014 - 03.27

    It’s been windy most of the week and birds have not been making themselves readily available to me. Yesterday I went to Marco Island and found a little group of waders that were fishing the receding tide. 






    The Mangroves

    2014 - 03.25

    Although I didn’t get the tour I had hoped for, I decided on my own self guided tour and found some interesting subjects. In the mangroves, going “out to lunch” takes on a new meaning.


    A Vacation

    2014 - 03.24

    Sometimes you try so hard to plan the few hours of a vacation so that you might fit “special” into each and every second. Well as a photo seeking traveler on a budget, that means rethinking and reworking around Mother Nature. My trip through the mangroves has been canceled due to rain and wind, so… roll with it. Lets see what the week brings.


    The Camera And The Seagull

    2014 - 03.16

    Central Ohio can be rather glum this time of year, before bird migrations, and after the snow has melted leaving mud tracks and trails of dead autumn residue.  And so, I decided to take the camera and let it lead where it may.  At first I was disappointed to find only seagulls but as I sat and watched them closely, I figured…what the heck. I’ll shoot a series and see what comes of it. This is what I found.

    untitled140315-1145-Edit untitled140315-1046-Edit