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    Winter Songs

    2014 - 01.28

    I love photographing the birds against a white snow background and we’ve had a good bit of that over the past week or so. The real challenge is surviving the cold while doing that. Here’s a few winged friends that braved the bitter cold to grab a bite to eat at one of our many feeders. 

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    Hiding In Plain Site

    2014 - 01.16

    Camouflage is to Gander Mountain and Orvis, as Mothers Day and Fathers Day is to Hallmark. Get to know the herd and you don’t need anyone to direct the hunt. This guy is really trying to hide from me, and so… I left. I never saw him and he was very happy. 

    2014 - 01.13

    I’m fortunate to have one of those built-in morning person personalities.  It means I miss out on some of the late night stuff, but I still wouldn’t trade sunrises for midnight sleeplessness. This time of year, the colors can lift even the heaviest of eyelids.

    Two Wheeling

    2014 - 01.03

    It’s not exactly bike riding conditions this week, but I wanted to revisit some images taken last fall and see what would become of them. This one was taken at Old Car City in Georgia. Definitely a “go back to” place for me.

    A New Year

    2014 - 01.01

    May your dreams have wings and take you soaring to new discoveries! Happy New Year!