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    Saying Farewell To Another Calendar Year

    2013 - 12.31

    If today were just a day, minus yesterday and without tomorrow, would today be enough? Washing the number three away and replacing it with a four doesn’t change much, but leaving mistakes and regrets behind can make a significant difference. Wash away yesterday, live for today, and build bridges in case there’s a tomorrow.  



    The Feeders

    2013 - 12.29

    Putting food out for the songbirds means feeding all that eat seeds and all that eat songbirds. 

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    The Workhorse

    2013 - 12.22

    Shrouded in untended fields lies the workhorse yearning to cultivate the fruits of tomorrow.


    2013 - 12.01

    It’s interesting to see what people find suitable for adornments, whether it be on themselves, their vehicles, or on their Christmas Tree.  It really says a lot about someone. Car manufacturers use to be really in touch with that little detail. Now all you see is  flat medallions embedded in hollow shells. Gone are the days when time was spent polishing the logo. I say, bring back the hood ornaments and the wing windows! Oh yea, no antlers please.