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    The Working Class

    2013 - 11.16

    This tractor was just begging to have its picture taken.  Thing is… It would probably run again given a little TLC!  Im just not sure I’d like to be the one turning that crank. 

    Handle It

    2013 - 11.11

    I recently posted an image of a door handle draped in pine needles so I thought it only fitting to include a handle that is still being polished and pampered. Both are appreciated for their fine lines and beauty. 

    Season Ending Flames

    2013 - 11.07

    A walk in the woods today found trees shedding the last of their summer clothes, baring naked arms, and exposing hidden landscapes. 

    The Home Of Saints And Sinners

    2013 - 11.01

    I walked into St. Paul The Baptist Cathedral and was stunned  by the beauty and detail of the artwork. I immediately took out the fish-eye lens and began capturing pieces of history. 

    I thought that by adding a rotation blur filter that you might better see the spirits.

    If only I could have heard this angel sing….