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    Happy Halloween

    2013 - 10.31

    The day that spirits are recognized and celebrated. Have a haunting Halloween!

    Breaking Out

    2013 - 10.29

    I was walking down the street in Savannah and saw this bicycle that had escaped from the show room window. Made me smile

    A Rest

    2013 - 10.26

    Many miles and like the cars… it’s a good day to just lay low. 



    The Power Of Water

    2013 - 10.24

    Today I came across a working grist mill and still I marvel at the engineering genius of the person that wondered and won. The work performed by Mother Nature,  guided by the creative hand of man/woman. 


    Real Street Photography

    2013 - 10.23

    And now, street photography with more than just a street. I was out early one morning and watched as stores went through their “other world” transitions so that we might see their best face later in the day.