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    The Farm

    2013 - 09.24

    Age lines caress and fold, enveloping the structure in time. But the stories? They lie in the boards and sleep waiting for someone to wake them. 


    The Forest

    2013 - 09.20

    A simple walk in the woods to the explorer…

    untitled130917-6325-Edit-Edit-Edit is the birth of discovery.


    When Cheetahs Smile

    2013 - 09.17

    The eyes and the mouth seem like such a contradiction. Its almost as though it’s talking ventriloquist style, “Please come closer so that I might enjoy your company and did I mention, you look delicious!” 




    I LOOVE your outfit!”

    The Flower Of The Sun

    2013 - 09.14

    It seemed to me that since there is a sunflower, there should be a moonflower. Growing one would take years of nights and so… I shortened the wait.





    2013 - 09.13

    Spent blossoms scattered among leaf debris. Perennials withering onto the floor from which they sprung. Oh how the season of fall beckons the hands to begin nesting and still, somewhere in the corners of the gardens, a few of the flowers display on.