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    The Prayer

    2013 - 08.31

    Here we are waking the next few days filled with “all things I or we”. And great days they are. Travel, picnics, parades, the entertainment possibilities are many and the hours, not near enough. But if you find yourself with just an instant, a speck of time, pray to whomever gives you hope and strength that the leaders in our world might choose peace. Send out positive signs that those with negative agendas might choose calm over chaos, and display courage rather than control. Show your best self as an example to others.Conduct yourself in a pattern that you would have others follow. Be generous, have fun.


    Chasing Wings

    2013 - 08.28

    I’ve been wandering around the gardens looking for images to keep me through the long winter months, and continue to be pulled to the butterfly bush. Always a feature of activity and discovery.


    Jewels Of Nature

    2013 - 08.25

    That’s one thing about Mother Nature, she always amazes. Never one to do the same thing the same way twice, and always full of surprises. The hummingbird, tiny burning power plants and the perfect examples of elegance and grace.



    The Chicken

    2013 - 08.22

    This is Gracie and I couldn’t help laughing at the way she just looked you in the eye. She was quiet the communicator.

    Hidden Gems

    2013 - 08.18

    Sometimes road trips are better than cool, like really, really, really, extra COOL! Todays backroad voyage took me to a little town tucked in the hills of Southern Ohio. It immediately screamed for me to park the vehicle and explore it more closely. There were too many pieces to possibly absorb. I sit here now kicking myself for not slowing down and taking it all in.  I was a bit overwhelmed. And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I spoke briefly to a small gathering of local residents gathered on the sidewalk, and one of the gentlemen invited me to see the inside of the old theater down the street. It was the best gift in the world today. Rob was his name and the history lesson that he shared was icing on the cake. He left the opportunity open for me to revisit and I hope that I can do that in the near future!  Thank you Rob!