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    The Fair

    2013 - 07.31

    I love this time of year with the car shows and the little fairs and festivals everywhere. You know there’s a photo just waiting for you to discover. Add the extra advantage of a road trip and I’m just too excited! These two were anything but filled with glee as they waited for their bath before show time. This is one of those moments when  loosing is winning.

    2013 - 07.27

    Sitting in the passenger seat is just not enough. Given the choice…drive!

    The Hunter And The Hunted

    2013 - 07.20

    I watched this green heron for awhile this morning and he was just snagging dragonflies left and right. He could snag them right out of the air! Really amazing.

    Transport ation

    2013 - 07.19

    I’ve seen many vehicles and photographed the weak and the strong. Once in a while I come across one that stops me in my tracks and makes me smile. This one… I call it Sweet Dreams. 

    Where Boulders Live

    2013 - 07.14

    There’s something therapeutic about the hills. The rocks and crevices, the megalithic boulders that define where footsteps can penetrate or be denied, are awe inspiring. I never grow tired of the hills and should know better than to stay away for so long.