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    2013 - 06.25

    Patterns, lines, repetitious motions…its how we move through this moment in time. The challenge is to stay on course without leaving a permanent indentation, to travel with a fluid motion. Imagine yourself navigating across a body of water. Fight with the wind and your voyage will be fraught with difficulties. Sail with the wind and you will glide effortlessly and as though one with the wave.

    Capturing The Moon

    2013 - 06.24

    They call it “The Super Moon”.  I call it an awesome night, only thing missing was the wolves.


    Feeding Time

    2013 - 06.18

    I’ve been watching this wren work non-stop to feed her two young. Both dad and mom participate in the feeding activities as these little guys have voracious appetites! It amazes me how many bugs are digested. I know someone like that:)

    Summer Days

    2013 - 06.15

    Words on a calendar don’t make the day… You do. So, gather up those shards of time and pieces of life and make today a perfect memory for tomorrow.


    2013 - 06.08

    I found a place once where dreams are born. I saw them dancing in the smokey light from the rays of the sun as it burned off the dampness of night. Lifting and combining with other dew drops, they formed clouds and smiled down beckoning me to follow with my mind, and to grow with them in my heart. Follow your dreams! Have a beautiful weekend.