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    2013 - 05.28

    Calming sounds resonate deeply and transport us back to a time that is tranquil and hypnotic. The intensity of the swell and the swiftness of the retreat is the balance by which stress is measured. When given the opportunity to sit beside the ocean for a moment, one can gauge the motion and balance the internal rhythm. It might not be a coincidence that more than 70 percent of the earth is covered in ocean. Perhaps we are too immersed to listen.

    Memorial Day

    2013 - 05.27

    So that I might proudly display this symbol of freedom, courage, and strength, I thank you. Your sacrifices are the threads from which this fabric is woven. Remembering you on this Memorial Day.

    The Buffet Line

    2013 - 05.22

    So I was watching the family dynamics as they unraveled in this nest. When mom came back from fishing the stronger of the two siblings wanted more than just a snack. It’s when “all you can eat” takes on a whole different meaning!

    The Stalker

    2013 - 05.19

    Cats. They are elusive, contradictory, fickle, and a slew of other adjectives that describe a creature that uses humans to better their own circumstances.  Our house has four such creatures and we are well trained. Kuma is a master vocalist and the stalker. 


    Mixing It Up

    2013 - 05.08

    And then… you can combine a road trip to include cars and landscapes. That is a good day!