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    Fresh Start

    2013 - 04.29

    Rain weeps over the blossoms of redbuds and apples as it percolates into the soil feeding the roots of the structures that hold them. Gotta love spring!


    2013 - 04.23

      Who remembers Uncle Joe moving kinda slow at the junction? I call this one “The Shady Rest”.


    April Showers

    2013 - 04.12

    The season that I always long for after a cold gray winter. Spring has arrived and brought flowers and color! 

    Yard Art

    2013 - 04.08

    There are a few yard ornaments that just work.  Nothing short of a few cows might have worked better!

    Then there are the signs that just confuse…

    “No honey, you have never rode a pony before.  Lets go find the OTHER ponies”! Whatever…


    Salvage Yard

    2013 - 04.06

    I found a new place that I’ve been dying to get to and today offered that opportunity. Fifty five acres of old and abandoned autos! Can you say heaven? A wonderland of sorts for sure.