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    Happy Easter

    2013 - 03.31

    I hope that your day was colorful. Happy Easter!


    2013 - 03.29

    Cliche and done a bazillion times. Yet they never cease to amaze when you’re standing in the waves of an ocean, with colors running over your feet from the glare of a setting sun. So… here’s to the sun.


    In A Changing Universe

    2013 - 03.27

    This morning I woke and decided to go to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. I drove in and wondered if they were open as there were no other cars in the parking lot. As it was, no one had yet arrived! So, I paid my fee and ran (well, walk ran) down the boardwalk to put distance between myself and any other person foolish enough to venture out early on this chilly morning. It was pretty quiet as the birds slept in as well until I got to a watering hole. Then I saw the black-crowned night heron (not a great photo), swallow-tail kites, not a good picture, and a wood stork (pictured below). I really wanted to see this one! Now, I can relax. I think I missed my plane…


    Better Day

    2013 - 03.26

    The morning was a bit slow going but I checked out new site and ended up really liking it and wishing there was more time to return. The wind was really gusting today making things a bit slow so I returned to the everglades tonight for sunset and bird rest. It was a good decision except trying to get back to the car when the alligators came out on the path. Not a good experience and I probably won’t do that alone again. Next time… a bazooka!





    Many Miles Fewer Feathers

    2013 - 03.25

    One thing about birds, they fly. One day one place, next day who knows. Well, I got up REALLY early this morning to get to a “hot spot” but sometime during the night, it turned into a cold spot. It was a day of exploring but I did find this one little guy hanging out.