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    Back To The Cars

    2013 - 02.20

    I’ve been sorting through some of the photos taken this past year of different vehicles and  I am trying to learn from mistakes, find new perspectives, and figure out why I’ve saved so many terrible images! The workweek is finally over the hump and it looks to be a pretty decent weekend coming up!  It means road trips in camera language!







    2013 - 02.16

    There have been times this week when all of a sudden, the air smells like spring. It’s just a passing whiff, but there’s no doubt about it. It’s close. Even the voices of the songbirds sound more jubilant! 

    Wishing You A Very Happy Valentines Day

    2013 - 02.14

    So. Who is this arrow wielding character that takes front and center today? Is it a love addicted gnome with wings that strengthens the candy, card, and flower industries? Certainly it has become a day to recognize those, them, the one that warms ours hearts. But lets face it. If the flying gnome were to be graded on the accuracy of his shots, I’d have to wonder if we would be celebrating this day at all. So many miscalculated firings. Check the statistics. Divorces, lost loves, wrong choices. I mean, lets face it… he rates right up there with the predictions of most meteorologists!  Despite the evidence, know that I think you’re special and I hope you enjoy a very Happy Valentines Day!

    The Tree

    2013 - 02.06

    And one day a seed fell out of a pod and rolled down the hill. But just before it reached the road, it got wedged between a rook and a hard space. It knew it had to be strong to survive the harsh conditions, and over the years it grew stronger and bolder and very much wiser. Other trees failed because there was too much noise, too much traffic, too many people ignored them and they grew lonely. But not this one. It grew despite the odds because it knew that it could.  And indeed… it would. 

    Feathered Gatherings

    2013 - 02.05

    With the ever present snow, the food sources for wildlife is limited and more winged things are visiting my feeders. It almost scares me to exit the house with white bucket of food in hand. The chick-a-dees stay put as I fill feeder after feeder, and everyone else watches from vantage points in close proximity.  I’m thinking back to the movie “The Birds”. What if they all decide that what I’ve put out isn’t enough. What if they want more? See what I mean?