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    The Wolf

    2013 - 01.31

    I’ve always been fascinated by these animals. Perhaps its the eyes that look through you and the stare that graces your soul. To know that we share a space in this world with so many diverse creatures is both intimidating and inspiring.

    Summer In Winter

    2013 - 01.29

    Not exactly balmy out but a far cry from some of the colder temperatures we experienced last week. I will gladly accept the  resignation of winter and the introduction of spring!

    2013 - 01.27

    One thing I’ve come to learn in life, “your gut is never wrong”.  The other “one” that sits on your shoulder… it keeps you balanced.  Have fun, enjoy the weekend.

    The Bluebird

    2013 - 01.22

    Im a tree bud. They call me Blue.

    A Tribute To The Sun

    2013 - 01.20

    After a week of grey skies, we finally witness the warmth and comfort of the sun!  This image was taken last night when she retired.