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    Happy New Year

    2012 - 12.31

    I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from the camera, some volunteer, some circumstantially mandated. But I miss it and so back to finding stuff in the gray grasp of winter. I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous new year! 

    Moving Through Pain

    2012 - 12.15

    A tragic act that echos pain throughout the world. The cost of violence is more violence. Whether it be in the Middle East, Korea, South America, or right here on our own soil, the reverberation is a negative quagmire that sucks at the very soul of hope. World peace is a fantasy and dreamer’s dream, but communication, tolerance, and understanding is an achievement that begins in individual homes, spreading into communities, and cities. The deliberate act of taking innocent lives has got to stop. Let there be peace.



    Time Is Running Out

    2012 - 12.07

    The sky is falling, it’s been raining all day and looks to keep it up through the weekend. To make matters worse, the year is about to end, Christmas is right around the corner, and as you can tell by my lack of posting, things are running too fast. Not to worry, I’ll find a rock and get a grip. For now, I’ll just hang on and enjoy the ride!