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    The Day Of Giving Thanks

    2012 - 11.20

    As traffic snarls along routes connecting here to there for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m reminded of fortunes that surround my life. The friends and family that anchor me, and the moments that unfold with and without them. The hands on the clock will spin faster over the next several days and it is my hope that during that chaotic time, you can pause… no… I really mean “STOP”. Take a look at what is right in front of you. If you’re as blessed as I find myself, there are no bombs dropping in my neighborhood, there is food in my cupboards, and friends are as near as my thoughts away. I hope that everyone has safe travels and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    Don’t over-indulge. Save room for desert.

    And give a hand to those that might come up empty.


    Migration And Motion

    2012 - 11.14

    Last spring Mark and I went to Pennsylvania to witness the Snow Geese migration. The weather and timing were not exactly on our side, but we made the most of the trip. I went back through some of those photos today and came up with these.