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    2012 - 10.27

    It’s almost time for that holiday and I decided to add some wickedness to some photos over the next few days. 

    The Mill

    2012 - 10.20

    I took a short road trip today to Lancaster to a mill and covered bridge that a friend told me about this past week. Cool place! The Rock Mill and Covered bridge are in the process of being restored and what an incredible job they are doing.  They hope to be selling grain products from the mill within three years. Worth the trip to see, but make sure that it’s on a Saturday between 1:00 and 4:00 when it is staffed by volunteers. 


    This was taken from inside the 26 foot mill wheel made by hand from oak. I felt like a hampster! It really moved!

    It Was A Blustery Day Today

    2012 - 10.18

    The past week has been like a changing tide for the leaves. Some of the brilliant colors are still present in the maples and some of the ornamentals, but many have been plucked by the incredible gusts of wind that have powered through. It won’t be long now when days are spent staring at naked branches watching for that first sign of emerging growth. In the meantime, perhaps the snow will blanket us and make for a beautiful winter season. These leaves reminded me of a frost glazing on the corners of “not-so-well-sealed” windows. Get your fall chore list checked off and make time to enjoy these last of the colors of the season!

    Enjoying the Colors

    2012 - 10.12

    We hoped and prayed for rain. We couldn’t wait for temperatures to cool and balance with summers before. Well, it’s cooler, the rain is a regular event,  and colors have hatched and unveiled themselves despite all odds.  Bet we wish it warmer soon. 

    It’s a rippling effect. 

    The days just spin… one into another.

    Season Changes

    2012 - 10.06

    The drop in temperatures today is just another reminder of the waning warmth of summer.  Just as our wardrobes change and grow heavier, so do the colors in the gardens. The most vibrant exchange of pigments ooze from leaves and petals before surrendering to the comfort of the ground below them.