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    Viewing Out

    2012 - 09.25

    Sometimes the best reminder is right in front of us. If you want answers, be quiet and look beyond what is in front of you.

    Reflect on what you know and what you see.

    The world is full of surprises.

    Homeward Bound

    2012 - 09.21

    We tried to take in the most of the Adirondacks while we were here. Today we did a last minute trip and found so many more places to explore. Maybe next time. Here is the beginning to the end and all parts between (at least for this day). 

    First light

    The in between

    Road trip home…



    Ode To The Night

    2012 - 09.20

    I’ve given you a piece of each day as we’ve gone through the Adirondacks so tonight I thought I would share a piece of the evening. The sky is just so beautiful.

    This next photo was taken by Collin who has really gotten in to shooting the night sky!

    Road Trip Inside The Road Trip

    2012 - 09.19

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