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    Leaner Machines

    2012 - 08.25

    If you have followed me through the cars then bear with me as I experiment with the motorcycles. Here is my first attempt and can I tell you
    that cars are so much easier… in most cases.

    The Garden

    2012 - 08.24

    If you stand in one place for very long you become rather familiar with the details. I stood in the garden tonight and noticed the preseason preparation that is beginning to take place as fall approaches. I decided to start a collage of these events as they unfold.


    Doe And Buck

    2012 - 08.22

    I took a little stroll this evening to investigate any potential migrations. The Cedar Waxwings are really showing up in numbers as they feed on wild cherries. There were a number of Blue Birds and woodpeckers as well. But, the critter that got my attention tonight was the buck that I’ve seen over the past few weeks and his doe friend. They haven’t really started running as mates yet, but there is rustling in the high grass. 


    Spring Into Fall

    2012 - 08.21

    I had transplanted this delphinium last spring to make room for the ornamental grass garden and it has just bloomed in its new spot. Usually a spring bloomer, it’s nice to see the grace and color of it this time of year. 


    2012 - 08.13

    I saw this reflection in the Chevy and knew that I would have to play with it. This is what came out.