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    Olympic Spirit

    2012 - 07.30

    It’s hard to not get caught up in the spirit if the television is on. You hear about the struggle and sacrifices of each Olympian as they compete to be the leader in their sport. It got me to wondering if the animal world might have Olympics. Probably wouldn’t do the whole torch thing, but perhaps they would create some of their own games. 

    For instance… the seagull hurdle event as seen here in this photo.


    Or the new event… the Ibis sand flea competition where competitors race to ingest as many sand fleas as they can in a set amount of time. As you can see, the judge is rather intense in his calls.


    Perhaps I should retire earlier and not listen to hours of Olympic competition. So for tonight… A Diamond Sunset.

    The End

    2012 - 07.27

    As another day ends, most of us are watching the opening of the olympic games. I did have to run out and say goodbye to the day and farewell to Florida for a while. It’s been a great break and Mother Nature sure did favor me with beautiful moments. Good night, and good luck to all the Olympians! I have to join the billions that are watching!

    Sea Shore

    2012 - 07.26

    They are here everyday sharing their grace and the thrill of the hunt with us. Just can’t ever get enough of them.



    Tomorrow, the backwaters and mangroves. That should be interesting!

    One More Osprey Or So

    2012 - 07.25

    We watched this young one as it hunted and captured it’s first solo caught fish. It has been screaming for a few days now just waiting for it’s mom to bring in lunch, but meal time keeps getting stretched further and further from the initial hunger pains and today… 

    lunch tasted so sweet!

    Some Views And Flews

    2012 - 07.25

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyme!  I wanted to post a few photos of the views just because they are too beautiful not to share.

    A storm on the horizon.

    End of the day for the sun.

    A very popular place for pelicans or, when porta-potties were just rocks.