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    The Canvas

    2012 - 06.25

    They say (whoever”They” are) that life is like an empty canvas. Each of us gets the opportunity to blend the media and the content into the image of our own choosing. Well, tonight it’s the flowers in the field and the garden that caught my eye. 


    So I guess that this is today’s canvas.


    The Buick

    2012 - 06.23

    I saw one of my favorite cars at a street festival today and just drooled. It’s a 1938 Buick Special and it is one sweet car!



    Tiny Dancers

    2012 - 06.21

    I’ve been playing with this one and although this is not what I set out to do, it’s a version that might work given the right surroundings. 

    A simple start,

    when tiny dancers were born. 

    I have some new ideas! Stay tuned.

    Mother and Daughter

    2012 - 06.20

    This little Redwing Blackbird was new to the “hunting bugs” experience and decided to wait on her mom for breakfast. Perhaps a few more days in training…




    2012 - 06.20

    The coneflower comes in so many different varieties anymore that it’s difficult to pick a favorite.  I added an oil paint filter to these two  orange ones in the garden.