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    Water Watchers

    2012 - 04.29

    I observed these Green Herons today fishing the shallows for unsuspecting baby fishes. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for sure!

    Wildflower Arrangement

    2012 - 04.28

    Just a little bit of color and sunshine on this cold and dreary Saturday!

    An American Dream

    2012 - 04.26

    I don’t know that residing in a place with peace, solitude, and fresh seafood can be limited to an American dream, but hey… I’m there. Taken in Maine two summers ago, this image just takes me right back. Spending a summer in Maine would certainly fulfill a good portion of my bucket list, or at least part of page one.


    2012 - 04.23

    It was a short high pitched “Cheek” that made me stop to look closer. I saw the small flutter in the underbrush and knew I was into something a bit unusual, and not what I was accustomed to seeing at my feeders. Shy at first, this little yellow-rumped warbler soon skipped from branch to branch to investigate the woman trying to look like a tree with a camera swinging wildly to and fro. It was the best I could do, and as in some cases, the encounter was better than the image.

    Yellow-rumped Warbler


    2012 - 04.22

    I borrowed my friend Mark’s big lens again to try to get some of the songbirds visiting the feeders. The cowbirds and redwing blackbirds are rather overwhelming and the poor little sparrows and chickadees just have to wait for a break in the feeding frenzy to sneak a beak full. I guess they all have to eat though, so I don’t discourage any of them. I just keep adding feeders and cursing the raccoons for destroying them. But they have to eat too, so…. it goes on!

    Blue Jay

    Chipping Sparrow

    Male Cowbird

    House Sparrow