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    2012 - 03.31

    It was in the air last night as bolts of electricity darted across the sky, encouraging the storm clouds to build and follow. This morning the temperatures are cooler but the colors are lively and bright!


    The Foundation

    2012 - 03.25

    Dreams lie in the silent part of our souls. Sometimes in darkness of night, other times in the brightness of the day and hidden in the shadows of our conscience. I remember my grandfather always dreaming of making things better, of creating tools that would make life easier. He was an inventor. My grandmother would scold him time and time again about the junk in the basement. He described them affectionately as “gems”. We found those “gems” in discarded piles set aside for curbside weekly pickup. Yes, my grandfather and I went around picking through the best of the best of trash to find not ready to be discarded items in order to bring new life to them.  He was among the first true “Pickers” and he was great at it!  We would take the broken pieces to his basement workbench and bring new life to them. This photo reminds me of the rough hands, the hardened tools, and the grace and beauty of the creative brilliance that built and still builds this country. 

    Spring Blossoms

    2012 - 03.21

    I’m not ancient or anything, but I’ve seen some flower debuts in my years and very few stand out as outstanding as this year. With no frost to intimidate the fresh petals, everyone is presenting their very best opening. It truly is a very special spring concert!  This will be a spring season to compare many yet to come.




    March Madness

    2012 - 03.18

    To some it might mean: people chasing a round bumpy piece of leather in opposite directions on a wooden floor, in a defined area in an effort to place the object through a circular hoop of iron in their territory on the so described arena. To me: Mother Nature has just given the season over to her daughter, who is a teenager on speed (r-rated for drug reference), and wants me to keep up in the grooming and hygiene department. 

    Just so you know, Mother nature has her stars as well. This is the Star Magnolia.

    No Trespassing

    2012 - 03.18

    They say that people can see into the “Other” dimensions, that energy is visible within auras surrounding people or objects. Whatever you believe, I can say that some places can give you the weebie jeebies as soon as you enter into them. This place… not so much. Perhaps because it was left with  positive energy. Maybe because like my friend Mark said, “it was sunny and in the middle of the day when I visited”. Either way, there are still those abandoned structures that I wouldn’t care to revisit anytime soon.