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    Middle Creek PA

    2012 - 02.29

    We made it to Middle Creek Wildlife Reserve in Pennsylvania today and had time enough between raindrops to scout out a plan for tomorrow. It was such a great site to see and hear the Snow Geese as they gathered on one of the ponds for the evening. You really have to see this kind of moment for yourself as pictures can’t really describe the sound or the drumbeat of thousands of wings beating at once. I’ll never grow tired of seeing a moment like this. There are approximately 45,000 birds left here as of today. They seem to be flying off earlier than usual due to warmer temperatures, but the numbers are still impressive. More tomorrow.

    Under My Nose

    2012 - 02.25

    Sometimes the best opportunities are right in front of you but being obvious sometimes makes it hard to see.  Such is the case with this barn. It lives very close and I pass it often, but I never have the camera when the light and clouds seem just right. Well, this morning the pull to find a new photo was too strong to deny. When I saw the sky I had to grab the camera and check out the structure. Here’s the result. 


    The Strong Survive

    2012 - 02.21

    There are certain photos that need no background. You know the ones that can speak for themselves without the pomp and circumstance.  I find that as I look for things to photograph, the pictures that stand apart for me are the ones without the paint, the ones that are absent of jewelry and cosmetics, and the ones that stand strong without the flash. The beauty lies in the strength of sterile independence, the will to stand despite all of the outside forces that wish it to collapse and fall. There are some beautiful old structures that have been rehabbed and expertly painted which are truly beautiful, but the one in the field just down the road that has been abandoned and left to survive or not, is by far the stronger of the two. For what it’s worth, that’s the way my camera sees it.


    The Tulip Still

    2012 - 02.19

    I just love how the petals lay over each other and unfold with time. Have to play with them a little bit more.

    The Tulip

    2012 - 02.15

    I thought I might take a few photos of the most expensive tulips in the world. Owned in part by the State Of Ohio (due to the ticket I was so kindly given during their retrieval). All-in-all, even that wasn’t going to ruin a beautiful flower but I might be sharing more images of them to get their full worth. Hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day!

    The bare naked true one,

    and the altered edition.