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    Trying Times

    2012 - 01.25

    Sometimes in life, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, how long you stand, or how many beatings you take from the wind and the rain. Sometimes the outside forces win and you have to simply stand there and let a bit of yourself go. Glass will shatter from window frames, but rock foundations will stand through many storms. Let the wind blow, feel the coolness of the rain and know that the rocks will hold you. 


    2012 - 01.21

    Well, the feeders were full of feathered friends today as our light snow cover blanketed most food sources. Even a doe and her friends came by this evening just as my flash batteries went on break. I must remember backup batteries. Enjoy the snow, spring is on her way (anything is possible)!



    Several Stories

    2012 - 01.19

    The camera sits on the end of my friend’s long lens just waiting for an opportunity to shoot some songbird photos, but to no avail. The weather is not on my side when time is and vice-versa so I played with some older images this evening. This is a home with more than one story. 

    Hunger Pangs

    2012 - 01.17

    This guy has been coming around the feeders in the evening to see if his winged friends left anything for him around the food troughs. There is a doe that is getting rather friendly, and if we get more snow I hope to hand feed her. Time will tell. 



    The Weekend

    2012 - 01.14

    With dreary days ahead, I decided to get back into the songbird phase. My friend Mark was kind enough to lend me his 200-400mm lens, so I spent some time playing with my flash and his lens. The operative word here is “playing”. I’m such an amateur it drives me crazy sometimes. You would think that I might catch on one of these days! Well, today is the day of the painted Jay. Hey, that rhythms!