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    New Year

    2011 - 12.31

    I hope that everyone enjoys a happy and a safe New Year! 

    Forget Tomorrow

    2011 - 12.29

    If you happen to live on the Island of Samoa in the South Pacific, that’s exactly what you can do! Back in 1892 the international date line was moved to the eastern side of this island to better accommodate trade with California. Today it causes economic issues with trade between two key trade partners, New Zealand and Australia. Thus, the government of Samoa is canceling Friday by moving the international date line to the West!  Rather than being the last country in the world to see the sunset, it will be the first country in the world to see the sunrise! The day December 30th will have never happened in Samoa. No birth dates, no deaths, no marriages, nothing! Gone, plucked from the calendar, non-existant! Just blows my mind. The day that never was. or… The day that controlled the sun!

    Speaking of the sun, this Puma is symbolic of the sun according to Native Americans. It represents a new beginning, looking forward, but I doubt that it includes skipping over days!


    Not North Enough

    2011 - 12.28

    The past few years have witnessed Central Ohio in the snow participation program. Not so this year. Come on snow! It’s winter for pete’s sake!

    The only signs of winter around here might be the Arctic Foxes at the Columbus Zoo. It’s pathetic actually. Not the foxes… the lack of snow!

    Gazing Into The Future

    2011 - 12.26

    I went to the zoo today just to get some exercise (one of those promises) and spent some time by the Langur Monkeys. There was a little one born August 13th of this year that was a zippy little thing. Hard to capture, but a riot to watch!

    New Year means new ideas

    Go for it!

    Merry Christmas

    2011 - 12.24

    My wish is for you…. Merry Christmas!