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    Enter Overcast Days

    2011 - 11.29

    The sunny dial has been removed from our weather meters here in Ohio, and the blurry, misty, foggy day settings replace it. I thought I’d do the same with a few photos in celebration of this hibernation period. I’m thinking of marketing sun glasses. The real kind, and not the ones that block it. I want to sell the ones that enhance it. Why are they called sun glasses anyway? They erase the sun! We need glasses that call out to the camouflaged rays and invite them to share our winter days! I’ll get to work on that…

    I call her “Billow”.

    And this is “Fainting Fruit”.

    Busting Out

    2011 - 11.27

    As we plug through the holidays I find it difficult to avoid all those readily available chocolates and cookies and special pretty little tasty treats. However, I feel as though it’s time to stop busting out of my clothes and just say no! I’ll let you know how well that works after Christmas. Hope everyone made it through Thanksgiving with warm blessings.

    Next up…. let it snow!

    A Day Of Thanks

    2011 - 11.24

    Today is a day of appreciation and of giving thanks. For some, it might be gorging on great food or simply visiting with friends and family. Where ever the road leads, relax and enjoy the fact that you are a part of another great day! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Today is a guilt-free day so go ahead and indulge yourself with a nap after feeding at the trough.

    Bending The Pixels

    2011 - 11.22

    If you read Denise Ippolito’s blog, http://deniseippolito.com/ you will find all kinds of tidbits to improve your photo developing skills. Her use of filters is unmatched. Trust me, go take a look. Anyway, she told her viewers about a free download from Adobe that is soooo cool I can’t use anything else right now. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Anyway, here are a few photos with the oil painting filter applied.

    Depth And Color

    2011 - 11.20

    I wanted to cross dynamic ranges and play with depth of color in the new Nik Color Efex Pro 4.0. I really like the changes from the 3.0 version and will have to put the upgrade on my Christmas List!

    Both of these photos were taken in Vermont a few years back.