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    The Haunted

    2011 - 10.31

    Being as that it is Halloween I thought I’d post some haunting images.

    I call this one “Time Out”

    and this is “Tiles And Tribulations”

    Both were taken at the Mansfield Reformatory.


    2011 - 10.29

    As the East Coast braced itself for it’s first snowstorm today, I decided to play with a snow goose to celebrate the winter season. 

    The Birth Of Color

    2011 - 10.27

    In the beginning there was darkness that covered all of the earth. One day darkness decided it was lonely and gave permission to light, to shine for part of the day.  Even though there was dark and light, things still seemed kind of boring until one morning when light woke up and it was the fall of the year. Both dark and light were so excited to see something new, that they invited color into the dark and the light world, and the world was very happy indeed! The End


    The Sun

    2011 - 10.26

    There’s something about seeing a group of sunflowers bending and leaning toward their namesake that just makes you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. Ok, maybe not the warm and fuzzy thing, but they do make you feel kind of sunny inside.  There’re few and far between now, but the seeds still cling to a few of the flowers. Winter is right around the corner, better make like a squirrel and start packing provisions away to feed the birds when the snow flies! Enjoy the last bits of blooms that hang on in your gardens.



    2011 - 10.24

    I have been sorting through some of the older photos, deleting some and reworking others. These two were taken in New Hampshire last year and if you’ve never visited the Green Mountains, put it on your bucket list. Definitely a beautiful place to roam around for a spell. 

    The flowers that draped over this walk bridge were just gorgeous

    And I had to turn around and go back to get these chairs. It was just too good to pass up!