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    More Of The Wilds

    2011 - 09.29

    We finally made it! Mark and I went to The Wilds today and photographed some incredible animals… most of whom are on the endangered species list. Bill was our guide and a passionate man about conservation and forward thinking. It didn’t take long before I joined in his beliefs and ideologies. Life is love and among other emotions, it’s about forgiveness and hope. You can see it in children, and you can see it in animals. Sometimes it’s difficult to see in adults.


    Even after a good brawl, the girls can still see eye to eye.

    And though the stripes might look the same, the spirit is unique. Go ahead and live for today, but please… think about tomorrow.

    Special Delivery

    2011 - 09.25

    Remember when the only food that got delivered to your home was either from the milkman or the “Charles Chip” potato chip man? At least in my neighborhood, there was no pizza  or sub sandwich delivery, and certainly no special couriers dropping off fine meats, cheeses, or easy to prepare dinners. No, the coolest delivery for my sisters and brother was a tray clamped over the car window at “Dog-n-Suds” with mugs of foamy root beer, hamburgers, and fried mushrooms! Beat that for special delivery!


    2011 - 09.24

    I took a quick trip through the Columbus Zoo today just to see what might be going on and decided to visit the primates. I could watch them for hours. They weren’t nearly as active as I had hoped, but then a crowd had already gathered and they were more than entertained by all of us. The cooler temperatures should help to alter some of the animals behaviors, and I’ll have to make a few more trips in the weeks ahead. Enjoy your weekend!


    Amber And Pink

    2011 - 09.19

    From old to older but prettier, a few more vehicles to share. 


    Maybe they will help to drive away the rainy weather!

    Spinning Light

    2011 - 09.18

    The mystery of color dates back to the beginning of time. Even the Egyptians knew that there could be no life without light and they created rooms of different color and light to use for various curing therapies. In the middle ages Paracelsus reintroduced color therapy with music only to be criticized and ridiculed. Time later proved that he was ages ahead of his time. Later Isac Newton published his controversial paper on “Opticks” again defining the seven rays of light in a spectrum. You have to figure that the rainbow is placed before us for a reason. Whether it be a sign symbolizing past events as some believe, or simply proof of a scientific theory, it’s all around us, so appreciate it… take it in… spin it around…



    And if you don’t want to think about color so much, just go to any fair at night and sit. The colors will come to you!