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    The Sprinkler

    2011 - 08.31

    Dogs have different approaches to water and how they’ll deal with it. Be it in a water bowl, pond, stream, or sprinkler. Some dogs will have nothing to do with the jet propellant emitted by a well pump set at insane amounts of pressure. Other, more challenged and committed canines welcome the bait. Allie, is a tried and true competitor and will rise to the occasion ( a “bring it on attitude”) and give what it takes to drink the cool cocktail, and save face.

    And Finn? Well, then there’s Finn…



    Light And Dark

    2011 - 08.30

    I finally got to try out the new Topaz B&W program tonight. I’m too tired to play on but this is an image I’ve had on the back burner waiting to use as my try out. Neat program for sure!

    Morning Fog

    2011 - 08.28

    I drove past a part of this lake that I see on a fairly regular basis, but yesterday the sun was busy burning off the fog and setting the tree to glow. I had to stop for the picture.

    Mansfield Car Show

    2011 - 08.27

    I took a little ride in Sparky this morning (lil red jeep) and ended up at the car show in Mansfield. I love the downtown area around the square, and was fortunate enough to be there before the sun moved too high in the sky. I was stopped by a cart of people anxious to have their pictures taken, and I promised them I would add them to my blog today! So, cheers to a wonderful show and to the warm and welcoming crowd!





    A Trip To The Zoo

    2011 - 08.24

    I took a quick trip to the Columbus Zoo this afternoon to see if anything new was happening as I haven’t been there since this past spring. Low and behold, there are three new orphaned ¬†Alaskan mooseses (sounds right to me). The Columbus Zoo is the furthest point south in the US that these guys can currently be found and some modifications had to be in place before they arrived. One of the changes included adding cool mist machines throughout their area. It was a joy to see such young and lanky moose babies close up enjoying the special spa treatment.

    Click on the image to view the other critters I saw today!