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    The Wren And The Window

    2011 - 07.18

    I found this gem along the highway today. I call it broken dreams.

    And when I returned home, the Wren that has taken up residence in a mail holder on our porch was seen foraging for food for her four new youngsters. Spider was the meal of choice today.



    2011 - 07.17

    Bunches of gardens, bazillions of blooms, but only the strong survive. Congratulations to Mark (The Iron Man)! Hats off friend, you are the strongest of strong, the most resilient of the bunch. When others weep, you will know where to go to find reserves and strength. To all the Iron Men and Women… a job well done!

    The Redwing Blackbird Juvenile

    2011 - 07.16

    I have been playing with Mark’s big lens since he is off being an iron man, and I’ve been watching the juvenile blackbirds. Not only do they eat me out of seed, but they are very much attached to their siblings and friends. It’s rare to see one feeding solo. They tend to stay grouped and feed in small flocks. Probably part of a condo association rule or something. Anyway, this group hung out most of the morning picking through all the cheap seed in search of the sunflower seeds. 


    2011 - 07.15

    So often I find myself staring at backgrounds and trying to find just the right light or dark accents. The great part of being the author of an image is having the ability to change anything to suite your mood. Tonight I decided to forget the background and concentrate on the image itself.


    I believe that sometimes less is more.

    More Echinacea

    2011 - 07.12

    Playing with some pretty flowers this evening and thought I would share these two.

    This variety has lime green petals.

    I liked the purple veronica behind this one.