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    Land And Sea

    2011 - 07.31

    We played along the coast today traveling to Bar Harbor. We’ve outlined a few things that we want to do and today was just a collage of bits and pieces. The weather has been such a great break from the kiln furnace we’ve been used to in Ohio. High of 76 degrees today and breezy. Love this place!




    2011 - 07.30

    The reception here is rather tough, so for today as I sit in a pine tree forest spinning for reception, know that I still believe this is a magical place and it would be a period of time gauged only by infinity before I tire of it. Blessings…










    2011 - 07.28
    I think I’ve remembered everything, and if I can get a little help closing the suitcase we’ll be off. Next stop… the coast of Maine. I can’t wait to see the opportunities that await me! I’ll be in touch. Until then, I couldn’t help but add one more classic hood ornament.


    2011 - 07.26

    The sound of the ocean and the activity of the moving sand makes moments of stillness come alive. Dreams become reality and days that were once only pages flipped on a calendar, stand before you. IT”S VACATION TIME! The cameras are packed and the coast is waiting. I hope the rest of your week is warming (but not too hot) and I’ll share the ocean with you soon! Until then, drive on!

    2011 Blast From The Past

    2011 - 07.23

    Yes, it was another car show day. This morning took me to Delaware Ohio to catch reflections in some of the classic cars. My hope was that if I arrived early, I could photograph the vehicles with better reflections than what I’ve captured in the past due to crowd blurs. Some of the photo’s worked better than others but I was pleased with my early morning adventure!

    Downtown Delaware

    These two images reflect the downtown area as seen from a bumper’s view. Shown either one block at a time or, 




    as a panorama.

    This is my favorite hood ornament.

    And this is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever run across. It’s name is Royce, and  it is a 1932 Little Duce Coop. Drive yourself into my garage little Duce… I will take good care of you!