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    Auto Motion

    2011 - 06.30

    It’s hard for me to walk past the shiny red cars. This Buick and Ford were just gorrrrrgeous! Of course, I had to put my take on them and decided to soften with a motion blur.

    More Chrome

    2011 - 06.28

    I’m still playing with the vehicles and went off the deep end a bit (go figure).

    I love the suicide handles

    Self portrait

    Looking Back

    2011 - 06.27

    This afternoon clouds starting moving in from the west building in size and darkening in color. The rain is falling now and the potted plants that I’ve unintentionally neglected for the past few days are rejoicing. I think that our economy will respond the same way. The bumps and falls, highs and lows have to be there to identify balance. As doors close and hinges seal with rust, methods and rules swing back to the middle. Perhaps not fast enough for some, but history shows… they will swing back.

    Pieces And Parts

    2011 - 06.26

    Yesterday I attended a car show in Medina that displayed vehicles that were pre 1949. They had some real beauties for sure. I’m starting to get a passionate understanding of the love and commitment that goes into car collecting, and I will be taking donations soon. My dad was sport enough to join me on this adventure and walked me down some pieces of his yesterday lane.

    When a person has a dream, let nothing stand in the way! As his heart swelled in his chest and a broad smile graced his face, I knew that he had found the vehicle that had long evaded him. It took chocolate to pry him from it, but he knows that he is one day closer to holding the title! To you dad, thanks for joining me!

    I’ll go to my room now…

    As One And Together

    2011 - 06.24

    Doesn’t matter which side you’re on. The chicken or the egg… we are in it. All of us. As one, and together. Like the dandelion. At times outstanding and beautiful in a field of wildflowers. Other times, invasive, encroaching, and a weed. Somewhere… HERE, there is a place for all of us.

    We have something in common. This planet is our home. To each of us, and together.