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    Worn Down

    2011 - 05.30

    It’s always nice to have a long weekend, but even better when the weather is great and time holds no demands. I was able to get away and find a couple of old places along the highway that made me turn around and grab the camera. Tomorrow might be Tuesday, but Friday afternoon is on the way! Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to all that give everything so that the rest of us can simply relax and enjoy the day. I feel very blessed.


    2011 - 05.28

    This is simply a few images in no particular order, for no particular reason. I was just playing around in the filter world again and came up with these! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!


    2011 - 05.24

    It’s the color that stands out against the dark that says welcome… ┬áNeon light makes other lights pale and fade into the background like drenched flowers that have only had brief moments of sunshine. They may struggle to shine… yet never fail to glow.


    Peony Blossom

    2011 - 05.22

    I visited a local nursery this weekend and spotted a beautiful peony tree. Unfortunately, it was the last one and it was on someone else’s cart. This is as far as it made it to getting installed in our yard.

    Same one with a twist.

    Restless Play

    2011 - 05.17

    This evening was one of bits and pieces, no mood in particular. These are the images created out of random play and restlessness.

    Trying to create the look of charmin

    Going for a more blurred angle

    Rain soaked, but shining through