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    The Really Blue Bird

    2011 - 04.28

    There are birds and then there are special birds. I guess because some of them are so shy and elusive that a rare glimpse makes them really stand out in the bird crowd. That’s how it is around here with the Indigo Bunting. Not frequent visitors to the feeders, the most I can hope for is the sweet melodic tune from a tree line somewhere in the distance. Today was my day of luck. This little one hung around for a while making the day a bit more chipper.

    And then there was this guy that just begged to be heard…

    “Can you please define hoarding”…

    2011 - 04.26

    As the days grow warmer and longer we can spend more time in the yard discovering visitors that have stopped by. This particular butterfly was not officially in our yard, but some of his friends were and things are starting to emerge from cocoons, hatch from eggs, and poke out from the ground. Of course those things breaking through the ground have no choice… get out or drown! Perhaps we should start work on the ark!


    2011 - 04.23

    Well, on her website, Denise Ippolito ¬†http://deniseippolito.com/ has challenged me and anyone else to try new backgrounds and textures. This is my first attempt and I drop an orchid with no background into a textured background. I can’t say that this is exactly the pastel photo that represents an image for the Easter holiday, but know that my hope is that anyone reading this is enjoying a very Happy Easter!

    Senior Structures

    2011 - 04.22

    It’s hard to put a value on history especially when the items up for bid include only bricks, boards, and broken windows. Discarded shards of yesterday. For some, condemned nightmares of community discontent but for me… Vegas! A mega goliath lottery of photographic images! It’s the ultimate infinity of photoshop and filters extravaganzas! Here are a few images that I’ve enjoyed playing with from a recent road trip.


    2011 - 04.20

    Just a quick one. This one reminds me of wings unfolding.

    And then there’s just a bucket of “yea-it’s-Spring”!