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    Hand The Baton Off

    2011 - 03.30

    This morning, as I drank my coffee and listened to the weather persons on TV, I was assured that precipitation would not be in our forecast today. I have just put out the last of the corn. The 1-2″ snowfall brought flocks of birds and the deer back to the feeders as Old Man Winter simply refuses to pass the baton to Spring. Perhaps just one more lap? Playing with this lilly reminds me of the flowers that are just waiting to burst out from the (very) slowly warming soil.

    House Cleaning

    2011 - 03.29

    This evening finds me sorting through some old files in the hopes of discovering a hidden gem. It’s kind of like panning for gold, not that I’ve ever participated in that sport, but given the opportunity… I would certainly give it a whirl. One might guess that the same bit of hope and optimistic desire is present in both expeditions. My search took me back to the car cemetery where once shiny gems rest peacefully letting trees and vines wrap them like gifts to give back to nature.

    These might take a minute to load when you click on one of the images. Thanks for stopping in!


    2011 - 03.25

    The work week for some of us has ended and it’s time to rediscover who we are. Perhaps your desires find you in front of a screen watching basketball games. Some might venture outdoors to witness foliage emerging from the warming ground. What ever your pleasure, enjoy the ride! A perfect ride ends with a great landing.

    Touch Of Green

    2011 - 03.23

    I went back into the files to find a few images from my visit to New Hampshire. I wanted to play with a watercolor/pen and ink kind of look. Passing along a road draped in leaves reminded me of warmer days about to come. It’s time for further exploration and discovery.








    It’s time to travel new roads!

    Additional Evidence

    2011 - 03.21

    Here is a wild flower that is so cool, I can’t wait to share. It’s called skunk cabbage and starts emerging as early as January. The spathe (which houses the spadix, which holds the tiny yellow flowers) pops out of the ground before the leaves, and can actually melt the snow around it due to a weird process that very few plants exhibit called thermogenesis. It’s pollenated by flies and other miniature flying things that are attracted by it’s malodorous scent. Found in swamps and low lands, it is a sure sign of spring. It’s like a little spring factory that melts through frozen ground to introduce the warmer seasons. I personally could have done without the meat rotting smell, but we all have our weaknesses.