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    Land and Sea

    2011 - 02.27

    As I write this entry, the deer have begun congregating in the front yard waiting for their dinner. What they don’t realize is that I will not be feeding year round, and it’s time for them to start eating regular deer meals (the kind they eat when the snow is no longer covering the ground). They are into their last bag of easy dinner. It will be a shame to see them go, but my flowers will soon be breaking through the frozen soil, and they are not on the menu! The birds were abundant here on Friday with our snowfall, but as the sun melted the snow today they too began thinking about mates, families, and nesting leaving the feeders less populated. Even the river was a bust.  A few sea gulls on the hunt, but not much more. Time is coming though. I felt it as I sat on a rock along the river soaking up warmer sun rays and feeling those spring-like southern winds. Here is a sampling of our current visitors to the feeders and on the river. Have a great week!

    Click on the image to view everyone!



    2011 - 02.24

    I was checking out the great design and woodworking on this older house when a flock of starlings flew over. I thought it was a pretty cool perspective.


    2011 - 02.22

    Winter landscapes offer opportunities to experiment with monochromatic tones. As Ohio is lacking in bold vivid colors during our cold season, it forces us to push the envelope with black and white, sepia, or washed out images. Everything has its season just as the truck in this photo. A vehicle such as this learns to cope with whatever mother nature throws at it. Spring is right around the corner!

    Well Weathered

    2011 - 02.21

    Our conditions outside tonight do not compliment the spring weather we experienced over the weekend, but winter is still in charge around here so we’ll just have to deal with the snow and ice a bit more. I thought I would play with the older weathered buildings that I’ve photographed over the past few months and attempt to create the mood I felt while standing in front of them.

    I found this place on Saturday nestled somewhere North East from home.

    A stockpile of supplies from an orchard business left to rot and decay with time.

    The breeze and brambles still live in this home.

    (Please be patient, these might take a little longer to load)

    Road Trip

    2011 - 02.19

    There are days when one sits and debates how best to utilize time. Being as that weekend time moves so much faster than weekday time, it’s important to try and get the most from Saturdays and Sundays. I have found that if you travel back roads exploring tracts and niches laid out by several generations, time can hold still for a moment. I have even come across a few places where I’ve actually traveled backwards. That’s when you know you’ve gotten the most out of your time!

    Debating is fine,

    Exploring is better!

    You might even discover new ideas!