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    Chasing Feathers

    2011 - 01.02

    Today I felt like the feather poparazzi running with sunlight, searching for songbirds. New Year’s day rain melted the remainder of our snow exposing food for the wildlife once again. It’s great for the critters, but slow business at the feeders. As I was preparing this blog, five bucks came up to the feeders to forage around for leftovers, but by the time I snuck up on them, they were too ready to exit the area! Go figure… Here are some of the songbirds that I was fortunate enough to witness today, and even my nemesis… the ever elusive Brown Creeper finally made an appearance! I’ve seen and tried to photograph him a bazillion times, but the little bugger is sooo darn quick. Still not perfect, but getting closer. Hope your new year is starting off well!