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    Black And White

    2011 - 01.31

    I’ve decided to work with some of the images that I took this past weekend in black and white, and at the end of the week, I’ll post their color siblings. Mark and I stumbled onto this old brick home that I passed many times but have never been able to photograph. What a treasure trove of images just waiting to be exposed! Here’s one of my favorite ones.

    The Salvage Yard

    2011 - 01.30

    It does exist! The salvage yard of all salvage yards! It’s as though the wizard pulled a trick from his bag and granted my wish. Some of you might be familiar with what was my ongoing dilemma, “find the junk yard that I visited once by accident”. Well, today my friend Mark and I ventured out in search of the holy grail of graveyards and found it! There was a slight problem… not open on Sunday, but we got a few images of those waiting in line for a spot in back. We will return! Here are a couple of images that I captured. Stay tuned cause next trip… it will be awesome!

    Oh yea, you might what to check out Mark’s site to see what he captured as well!             http://markhardymon.com/

    Winter Monday

    2011 - 01.24

    Monday days are the same as Saturday and Sunday days for the wildlife in this yard. I suppose that in other places perhaps, tranquility is imposed upon and the critters probably can’t wait for the work week to begin. The birds and deer are rather use to me hanging out with them, and I feel as though I have a better understanding of their needs and wants. They need to eat, and they want me to keep the feeding stations filled. Simple enough. And me, I need them to be there so I can enjoy watching something other than two dogs sleeping, and one indoor cat making do with the fact that she wants to stay out of the cold, but would prefer to be outside. It’s getting a bit restless in the humble abode and those first crocuses and daffodils will be greatly smiled on. Hope you’re making it through, just watch out the window for a bit, something will catch your interest. Here is an eclectic collection. It’s just kind of how everyone meandered in. If I could figure out how to put labels on them in simple viewer (help please Mark) I might be able to share the names of everyone. Perhaps next posting.

    Here is my special friend, the Brown Creeper. Just click on his image to view the others. Thanks for stopping in!

    A Songbird Snowfall

    2011 - 01.20

    They come, feathers puffed against the wind in search of seed. They know me. I can never watch them digging, scratching, hoping that there might be a few of the good nuggets left after the starlings have had their fill. No, bucket in hand, I’ll dump some fresh morsels even though the hour is late, and it’s time to feed the deer. This afternoon a fresh cover of snow began and is still gracing us with her flakes. The doe’s came to the feeders before the bucks this evening and were rewarded with corn and berry pellets. I think they were smiling, and I know that I’ll sleep better knowing that I fed all that I could, and that they too might rest a bit better with full bellies!

    This Red Bellied Woodpecker always thinks the hawk is near when the Blue Jays squawk! Half of his poor little life is spent frozen in fear.

    I love when the Downy’s puff up, they think they’re soooo bad!

    Male Cardinal shadowed by a house sparrow.

    The female Cardinal is still probably one of my favorites. The male more brilliant, but the female, so much more variety in her color.

    The Boys

    2011 - 01.19

    I thought that you might want to meet the guys that have been spending the evenings here. There’s Halo, Goat, Stud, Old Man, and Unicorn. Each unique, all eating well. The past two evenings, I’ve forced them to clean up the excess bird food that has accumulated on the ground. The snow has melted and opened new menu items, but tomorrow we are suppose to get another snow storm, and I’m sure they’ll be back at the buffet table.